An optimized Intel-Windows tablet

The PAPYRUS® Tablet made it better with more vivid colors and greater contrast. It is a powerful as many personal computers. With efficient power consumption and long battery life that let you work, surf and gaming all day.


Faster wireless Wi-Fi with 3G Data Network Technology is fast as previous generation downloading movies and streaming videos take warp speed.


SHASHAMANE Technologies designed Windows® PAPYRUS® Tablet for everthing you want to do with a personal computer that will help you do it better on the Road along with Bluetouth keyboard as standard accessory.

Amazing sight of the Windows

With the built-in smarter and more efficient Windows 8.1 operation system, PAPYRUS® is launched to provide you a foundation of Office 365 to read and edit from tablet-optimized Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps. Stay productive and hold business in your hand.

Serious performance through Intel

Equipped with blazing-fast Intel chipset with low-power consumption, PAPYRUS® allows a quicker browsing, easier editing and faster updating based on the powerful Bay Trail Quad-core processor. PAPYRUS® could handle even the most intensive of tasks with its insanely fast performance.